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    Trauma-Informed Music Education Consulting Services

    Are you looking for positive ways to help students who have experienced trauma?

    The 21st Century Drummer Academy, founded by Pamela Lynn-Seraphine, will soon be offering trauma-informed music education (C-TIME) certification training to mainstream music educators, community outreach music educators, and clinical music educators who are looking for positive ways to help students who have experienced traumatic stress, PTSD, and complex trauma resulting from abuse, neglect, violence or being a witness to violence. 

    The TIME protocol for music educators uses six main principles for trauma-informed care, including a brain-based model that proposes three-domain components towards the brain change needed for trauma-affected students. The certification model for Trauma-Informed Music Education (C-TIME) is dependent on creating a safe, supportive space where students can learn how to play their instrument while simultaneously learning emotional regulation skills through connection, mindfulness, rhythm, breath, and increased body awareness. 

    TIME endorses a trauma-informed, brain-based model of care that emphasizes the need for music educators and music organizations to recognize the prevalence and pervasive impact of trauma on the lives of the people they serve and develop trauma-responsive services that respond to their needs.For more information, contact pamela@21stcenturydrummer.com